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Postal Error Code E601


David Debtor, 123 Main Street Apt 4 (should be 123 N Main Street Apt 4), PATown PA 19403 E423 Suffix needed, input is wrong or missing The ZIP4 directory indicates that DPV processing identifies the deliverable addresses on your mailing list. X- Enter Your Location - - or - Get your current location Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display Skip to Content Search Log On Choose your country or The input record city is not correct, but AccuZIP6 could determine a valid city from the input record’s ZIP code. have a peek here

The Postal Error Code E601 error may be caused by windows system files damage. E502 Input record entirely blank   The address information provided is completely empty E503 ZIP not in area covered by partial ZIP+4 Directory All information is valid, but the city is not If it contains a ZIP Code, no match for it can be found in the ZCF directory. A single address will often have multiple errors.

Ncoa Error Codes

For future releases, we are working on other ways to improve DPV processing on systems with 2 GB or more RAM. The input record had a street name that was also the suffix. The input address matched to a high-rise record in the USPS database and the unit number matched exactly to one found in the USPS database. F - Family (matched by last name).

AccuZIP6 will output the correct five-digit ZIP code. This article contains information that shows you how to fix Postal Error Code E601 both (manually) and (automatically) , In addition, this article will help you troubleshoot some common error messages In this case, the "Stelink_" will be populated with a "00". Coa Match Flag Codes Removing the +4 Code will allow you to exclude these addresses from your mailing.

Warning number 14.6: Route Added. Usps Cass Error Codes Indicates that the address (exactly as submitted) is not in the city, state, or ZIP code provided. As a result, mailers incur additional costs and lose touch with millions of contacts. https://www.agiis.org/Links/ErrorCodes.htm See below for more information.

Error number 3.1: Street not found. Ncoa Move Type Codes In the ZIP4 directory, ACE can find matches for the address line in at least two of those cities. E505 Matched to undeliverable default record The record is an address that does not exist in the USPS directories. I - Individual (matched by first and last name).

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AccuZIP6 used the first of the multiple records to determine the ZIP+4 code. http://postal.error.code.e601.errorwiki.org/ The input record is ambiguous, because more than one street name in the database matches the input address, and there is not enough information to let AccuZIP6 choose between the multiple Ncoa Error Codes Also occurs when an alternate street name is used in place of an alias. Ncoa Return Codes AD#9.09 Getting Started with the Palletization Add-On for Bulk Mailer Properties for Customizing Facing Slip Layouts in Satori Architect Provide Feedback Did this information solve your problem?*YesNoWas this information relevant?YesNoI'm not

Warning number 11.7: Post direction added. http://spamdestructor.com/error-code/pro-c-error-code-139.php Warning number 14.3: +4 changed. ACE can't use the record's city to break the tie on the address line, nor use the address line to choose a city name. Click here follow the steps to fix Postal Error Code E601 and related errors. Cass Return Codes

The LACSLink process updates addresses changed by local governments, usually to change rural route addresses to street names and house numbers to assist emergency services. The record doesn't include a ZIP Code, so no look-up in the ZCF directory is possible. David Debtor, 123 Main Street Apt 4, PATown PA 99999 E429 Bad city, can't select an address match  The record's city name is missing or invalid. http://spamdestructor.com/error-code/postal-mail-error-code.php Caused by an out-of-range (including even/odd mismatched) house or apartment number.

Warning number 15.7: There was a SuiteLink match on the company and address fields for that record. Ncoa Match Flag Codes This Postal Error Code E601 error code has a numeric error number and a technical description. It might be a cemetery, parking ramp, or condemned building.

The input record did not have a +4 code, and the correct +4 code for the address was added.

Otherwise, it will correspond to the error column. In this case, the "Stelink_" field will be populated with an "A". David Debtor, 123 Main Street Apt 4, WrongTown PA 19403 E430 Possible addr. Usps Error Codes First Character: S - Standardized wthout truncating.

You may be able to find the information you need elsewhere in the new SAP community. If you decided to keep the +4 Code, this error code will correspond to the Warning column below. For example, if the database contained eight address fields and the good address was located in the Address5 field, then the Address5 information would be moved to the Address field and this contact form A unit such as an apartment or suite was specified in the input record, but not was found in the ZIP+4 database.