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I have a 3 week old 80Gb PS3 with very similar problem to your original one. If problem happens with several different devices, then system may need repair. 80010017 - System unable to load game or game data from disc. Differences between copying and moving The operation you can perform varies depending on the type of file. I would say that your PS3 has taste, but messing up on The Police is just plane lunacy. get redirected here

Change network settings to turn off proxy server. 80028EA8 - Cannot connect to internet. Civilization 6 guide Leader profiles to in-depth strategies in every game phase, lead your civilization to glory. Is USB3.0? Send back to be replaced/fixed.80710016 - Playstation Network is down.80710092 - “An error has occurred. click resources

Playstation 3 Error Codes

Reconnect your power cable and flip the back switch up again. Naturally I deleted them and attempted to recopy the missing files in the hope that they'd appear in the correct folder. Also, there are lots of rogue entries under various Genres.

Anyhow... To copy files to Memory Stick™ media, insert the Memory Stick™ media into the PSP™ system. 2. Ftp small files work. Playstation Error Code 8002a10d My .mp3s are well organised and tagged on the pc using ID3V2 tags (with embedded cover art) having spent a LOT of time getting the tag data quality right.

Also try making PS3 UPnP. 80710A06 - Undescribed issue with PS3 system. Ps3 Error Code 8002a10d About Us PSX Place is your leader for the latest Homebrew & Hacking News in the world of PlayStation. Reply 0 Kudos Report Re: Transfer data error No. 8003051E Options Mark Message as New Add This Message to My {0} Add This Message to My {0} Subscribe to this message's https://www.playstation.com/en-au/get-help/help-library/error-codes/80029c55/ Reviews News Recommended Games Videos Digital Foundry Release Dates Guides Forum Loading...

So too is the need to 'repair' any file structure corruption such as this by rebuilding the database from scratch. Psn Error Code 80710016 Is USB3.0? Forum • Gaming • PS3 Error 8003041C when bulk copying MP3 files to the PS3 Page of 1 Previous Next Darren 12 Sep 2008 10:14:06 9,358 posts Seen 19 minutes ago About 1.5hrs for the back and 1.5hrs for the restore and I only had about 20-30Gb of stuff on the drive at the time.

Ps3 Error Code 8002a10d

Games section will load for a longer time and ps3 starting up will take longer. http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/PS3-Support/Transfer-data-error-No-8003051E/m-p/21156939 Also try making PS3 UPnP. 8013030F - Access Point not detected. Playstation 3 Error Codes Try conneting at a later time as their may be heavy congestion on the network. Psn Error Codes List Possible slow connection speed or heavy internet traffic with your ISP.

Is file system "work" and there is no app that can do this on ps3 file system. Get More Info I cant find a solution to this online, is anyone have this problems? If is fat,files need to be smaller than 4GB. If problem persists, go to the recovery menu and "restore file system" as there may be a corrupt file. 8001050B - Will not play demo hard drive games, (when blu-ray disc Ps3 Error Code 8002a308

  1. Either that or my HDD is corrupt or the PS3's music database.
  2. I'm also going to email and telephone Sony about this issue so they're aware of it.
  3. This error has been encountered during the install operation (error when downloading game from PSN - network error occured).
  4. I have try restore file system and rebuild database, and now my ps3 shows sluggish behaviour.
  5. With the file you want to import or copy selected, press the button, and then select [Copy] or [Move] from the options menu.
  6. Copying or moving video to view on a PSP™ system Copy or move video files to view them on a PSP™ system. 1.
  7. I was wondering if I should be using a different tag type, copying groups of files in smaller chunks than 8Gb, re-formatting CF card between copies.
  8. I can do a backup and restore but will that also backup these 'invisible' files? *sigh* At the moment I feel like kicking my PS3 into the middle of next week
  9. That said, the fact that you cannot delete these 'invisible' files is certainly an annoyance that needs addressing in a future firmware.
  10. PS3 Error Codes 80010001 - PS3 error code indicating a major hardware failure, Game ability stopped. 80010006 - Issue accessing file.

You may have to change information. 8013013D - Network connection timed out. Check with ISP for login information. 80028F10 - Issue with video settings on standard def TV. I copied my entire My Music folder with over 6,600 songs onto an external HDD and then proceeded with doing a bulk copy to my PS3 (which is much quicker than useful reference Check network connections for proper settings.

Whilst this seems to work 80% ok, for strange reason the PS3 shows multiple entries of files in the XMB listings, with copies in completely the wrong place - eg. Ps3 Error Codes And Solutions Anyway, upon viewing my music in my preferred display format of grouped by Artists and sorted by Albums I discovered that a number of folders had songs from completely different artists I'm new!

Drive may need repair. 80029946 - Disc or files not recognized.

Is file system "work" and there is no app that can do this on ps3 file system. Beyond 2 soul, a game I back up TODAY, is experiencing lagging in game and sudden freezes. I've been through a similar pain before with WMA music format, in the end I re-ripped all my music and used MP3 format. Ps3 Error Code 8002a308 Fix Try alternate DNS. 80410418 - DNS Error.

Was this helpful? A dsn error has occured.80410418 - DNS Error80410A0B - Internal PSP error, hardware fault. If it is NTFS it wont work. this page Solutions: Hook up audio via SCART connection or Digital Cable(toslink). 8002B71A - Possible NAT Error , Can log onto Game Server but can't join game and can't host game.

Try disabling medai server connection in the PS3.8002B241 - DVI has no audio.8002B71A - Possible NAT Error , Can log onto Game Server but can’t join game and can’t host game8002F994 I'm mainly into 80s stuff (I am in my early 40s) but I do like Fluke, Way Out West, U2, Simple Minds, Billy Idol, etc., etc. But games which I backed up previously like killzone 2 is working fine with slight shutter for killzone 2 when stages goes into loading not sure if it normal...Forgot how it Originally I had a mixture of WMA, AAC and MP3 audio files on my PS3 but because you can only use the latter two formats in games and over 60% of

Cannot connect to internet because encryption key is incorrect. The only music I'm not struck on is heavy metal and a lot of indie guitar-based stuff. Kate Bush, Jean Michel Jarre, Way Out West, David Sylvian, etc.) but the "mess up" seems to occur when I try to copy certain ones (e.g. For more tips and hints on using your PlayStation system, visit our technical support forums at community.eu.playstation.com.

it just needs to be activated online (under system settings). If updating using external media, download the system software update file again or try another external media device.