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In some cases, the offending command doesn't really look like a command but it is a series of random characters. Try printing the file to a printer or RIP that contains a more current version of Adobe-licensed PostScript. Why do PostScript errors even exist? Is the problem repeatable? Check This Out

It doesn't matter how small a graphic is. This patch may help, added to the PostScript: % Insert after %%BeginSetup if any, else after initial % lines. /real-dict /dict load def /dict { dup add real-dict } def userdict Many systems support multiple resolutions. To turn off the error handler, turn the printer off, wait 15 seconds, and turn the printer on again, or follow the instructions in Resetting the printer. https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/troubleshoot-postscript-errors.html

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ioerror A real I/O error may have occured (e.g. Site Version: 2.13.1 Home page | Products | Support | News | Buy | Contact You are here: Quite > PostScript info > PostScript errors Why do PostScript errors even exist? Most common cause is a path too complicated: for instance a cutout, or a drawn outline; also outlined text.

Sometimes even something as simple as turning a printer off and on can make a difference. Basic Troubleshooting steps Before jumping in to the problem in depth, try printing again to see if the same error occurs (especially if it is a "error name undefined"). The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Error Syntax Error Offending Command Stack If you are using a software RIP: make sure there is enough free space on the hard disks.

Adobe Support > All Apps > Troubleshoot PostScript errors Troubleshoot PostScript errors Search On this page View or print a PostScript error message Use the PostScript error message to start troubleshooting At the prompt Save PostScript output as you are asked for a file name for saving printer output. For example if using the Microsoft Windows PostScript driver, it would display the following: Offending Command = clip Error = nametype : limitcheck Given the above error information, you can try If offending command is setcolor and this is a PostScript interpreter not from Adobe, and part of the job was produced by an old release of Aldus Freehand, this is an

Depending on how far you want to go with troubleshooting, it is sometimes worth splitting printing into two processes. Xerox Error Undefined Offending Command Stack This was fixed in patchlevel 3 of Niknak. Solutions There are several things you can try to get rid of VMerrors. Thankfully, there are a limited number of errors that can occur on PostScript devices.

Error Undefined Offending Command Stack

Still no error details? http://my.okidata.com/idocs2.nsf/(MOC-OKIPAGE24)/B7A688A6406BD2DD85256B7B0064E32F Use the following program to find out the available VM: %! % This program prints VM info (in bytes) /Courier findfont 14 scalefont setfont vmstatus 72 144 moveto (Total VM=) show Error Limitcheck Offending Command Image limitcheck The printer has reached an internal limit. Postscript Errors Some printers allow the size of userdict to be increased.

In the example, it is a limitcheck. his comment is here How can I manage it? For text elements, you can also try using a different font (for example, reformat the text using a different type of font). Quadruple for colour. Error Syntax Error Offending Command Nostringval

HP Laserjet Error codes For no obvious reason, some HP laserjet printers (not HP4 or later) display an error number for PostScript errors, instead of a name. To begin troubleshooting a PS error you need to know the error name and the offending command. Different interpreters have different conventions for accessing named files. http://spamdestructor.com/offending-command/postscript-error-handler-pjl.php Things to try first Before you look into the error in any great detail, it is often worth trying again (especially for error name undefined).

Could you explain your reasons? Error Unregistered Offending Command Xshow He has had clients also contact him saying they were have problems printing the PDFs also. The same is true for PostScript errors caused by incompatibilities between different applications and RIPs.

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If one of the images is ASCII encoded and you select binary transfer, you can get a ‘limitcheck' PostScript error, offending command ‘(ÁEGD-**£12ze8' (or other meaningless characters). Polls Archive Advertising A cookie is used to collect visitor statistics. This sheet can be useful. Error Undefined Offending Command New If the printer is shared, it is possible that someone else on the network may be affecting the printer's setup.

If offending command is status, and the file is printed from Acrobat Reader 3.01, then this is because of a bug in Acrobat Reader 3.01 (or because Adobe have deliberately dropped Your cache administrator is webmaster. You say not to print using a printer queue. http://spamdestructor.com/offending-command/postscript-error-handler-behandler.php One solution is to download an error handler to the printer.

undefinedfilename Could not find a file name used in the program. The adverts also use one. Photoshop itself has no problem with such EPS files and they can be placed in QuarkXPress documents without a problem. For example: Error: limitcheck; Offendingcommand: clip Usually, this is reported by many as having received "an offending command error", but this information by itself is generally useless.

Ungrouping objects can be very effective. Can be caused by a misguided attempt to change PostScript files; some programs may have an error that allows a scale factor of 0% to be used. Simplify. There are two fundamental approaches: 1.

Select the Tek Error Handler file and click Add. PostScript errors can be reported in many ways. This is a special file which, once sent to the printer, sits there until the printer is switched off. There are over 100 new commands in PostScript level 2, but common ones that you might see in this context include currenthalftone currentglobal currentpagedevice setcolorspace setglobal sethalftone setpagedevice setstrokeadjust.

If any EPS in the page was made with 7.0, open and save it again with Illustrator 7.01. Polls Archive Advertising A cookie is used to collect visitor statistics.