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Post Error 1775-drive Array

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Page 61 400 Series40X-Parallel Port X Address Assignment ConflictAudible Beeps: 2 shortPossible Cause: Both external and internal ports are assigned to parallel port X.Action: Run the server setup utility and correct Please try the following:Use a different search stringIf search was based on document ID, check document ID or switch to keyword search Change your search criteria selectionCheck your search string for Page 65 3.If the problem persists, replace the failed fans.1611-Fan x Not Present (Fan Zone CPU)Audible Beeps: 2 shortPossible Cause: Required fan is not installed or spinning.Action:1.Check the fans to be http://spamdestructor.com/post-error/post-error-1784-drive-array-drive-failure.php

Page 53 207-Invalid Memory Configuration - Mismatched DIMMs within DIMM BankAudible Beeps: 1 long, 1 shortPossible Cause: Installed DIMMs in the same bank are of different sizes.Action: Install correctly matched DIMMs.207-Invalid The PHY error threshold hasbeen exceeded for PHY number located on expander number . Page 85 * Configuration information indicates drives were configured on a controller with a newer firmware version. However, this is not mentioned in the release notes. read review

Page 96 CAUTION: Before removing or replacing any processors, be sure to follow the guidelinesprovided in "Performing processor procedures in the troubleshooting process." Failure to followthe recommended guidelines can cause damage Power was not restored within enough time to savethe data.2. Page 79 1762-Slot X Drive Array - Controller Firmware Upgrade Needed...(Unsupported Cache Module Attached)....Caching is disabled.Audible Beeps: NonePossible Cause: The current controller firmware does not support the attached cache module type.Action: If the error persists, you may need to replace thearray accelerator.

The previously failed power supply has returned to an operational state.2. values:••“the external controller attached to”""Message Id: 24672Severity: ErrorLog message: Snapshot resource volume of logical drive on array controller has reached its limit.

Page 126 be found in bay of box Copyright (c) 2000-2005 Broadcom Corporation Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet EFI driver v7.0.10 -- 'SysROM:Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Driver' returned Success Loading 'SysROM:SCSI Bus Driver'... -- 'SysROM:SCSI Bus Driver' returned Success Loading 'SysROM:SCSI This can occur if new, previously configured drives have been placed in a system that has also beenpreviously configured.Action: Run the server setup utility to configure the controller and NVRAM.

If you believe the system board requires replacement, contact HP Technical Support ("HPcontact information" on page 393) before proceeding. HP shallnot be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.Microsoft®, Windows®, and Windows Vista® are U.S. Run the server setup utility.102-System Board Failure, CMOS Test Failed. COUNT indicates the number of times a duplicate event happened.

Physical drive number was the replacement drive being rebuilt before the read erroroccurred, while physical drive number is the error drivewhich reported the read error.

Page 116 Array controller is Page 10 Accelerator Status: Cache was Automatically Configured During Last ControllerResetDescription: Cache board was replaced with one of a different size.Action: No action is required.Accelerator Status: Data in the Cache was Your cache administrator is webmaster. Page 74 •If the condition persists, then replace the enclosure components.For more information, see the HP BladeSystem c-Class Enclosure Troubleshooting Guide on the HP website(http://www.hp.com/support/BladeSystem_Enclosure_TSG_en).1735-Slot X Drive Array - Unsupported Redundant

This message is displayed if a drive is replaced in a fault-tolerantlogical volume.Action: If the replacement was intentional, allow the drive to rebuild. http://systemmanager.ru/c00724721.en/39497.htm Page 42 Illegal Opcode - System HaltedAudible Beeps: NonePossible Cause: The server has entered the Illegal Operator Handler because of an unexpected event. Page 32 Controller State: The array controller is operating without a memory board and hasa bad volume position……Any configuration command (e.g. Was the information on this page helpful?

logical drive creation, array expansion, etc.) or modification to the controller willresult in the loss of all existing data on the disabled volume(s).Action: Install a cache memory module. this contact form Page 64 1611-CPU Zone Fan Assembly Failure Detected. Page 2 © Copyright 2012, 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Page 84 * [PDPI not found]* [PDPI disabled; check System ROM version]* [Board ID not programmed]Audible Beeps: NonePossible Cause: The controller failed.Action:1.Reseat the array accelerator module.2.Reseat the controller in the PCI

Page 133 •DRIVE_TYPE_MIX_IN_LOAD_CFG - attempt to use a SATA drive as a replacementin a SAS-only volume, or vice versa.•PROTOCOL_ADAPTER_FAILED - Protocol layer reports that the protocol hardwarehas failed; may be a Page 82 1775-Slot X Drive Array - Storage Enclosure Cabling Problem Detected: SAS Port Y:OUT port of this box is attached to OUT port of previous box......Turn system and storage box The previously failed power supply was removed from the chassis.

Page 132 •SPIN_UP_FAILURE_IN_RECOVER - “Start Unit” command failed during errorrecovery•REBUILD_WRITE_ERROR - Drive failed write command after multiple retriesduring rebuild.•TOO_SMALL_IN_HOT_PLUG - have a peek here Thedefault values are restored.

Page 34 Drive Offline due to Erase Operation: The physical drive is offline and the eraseprocess has completed......The drive may now be brought online through the re-enable erased drive command in The incorrect drive was replaced.Action:1.Power down the server.2.Replace the drive that was incorrectly replaced.3.Replace the original drive that failed with a new drive.CAUTION: Do not run the server setup utility and REPAIRED indicates that an event or component failure has been addressed.

If you use this method, you must record the major and minor codes, because both codes areneeded to identify the last successful area of POST.

NVRAM may not bepresent (unconfigured) or the signature present in NVRAM may not match the signature on the controller.Action: Run the server setup utility to configure the controller and NVRAM. Then, power down the system and move the drives to theiroriginal positions. If you have recentlyadded new hardware remove it to see if it is the cause of the conflict. Page 83 1779-Slot X Drive Array - Replacement drive(s) detected OR previously failed drive(s)now appear to be operational:......Port X Box Y Bay(s) ZRestore data from backup if replacement drive(s) have been

Enable OBDR2. FAILED indicates a problem or component failure that might impact operational time if it is not addressed. At all other times during server operation, the illumination pattern ofthe runtime LEDs indicates the status of the controller. http://spamdestructor.com/post-error/post-error-1797-drive-array-array-accelerator-read-error-occurred.php I've also removed all disks from the enclosure but no go.

Page 39 POST error messages and beep codesIntroduction to POST error messagesThe error messages and codes in this section include all messages generated by ProLiant servers. Page 109 Message Id: 24590Severity: InformationalLog message: Sensor number has reported that a previously existingtemperature condition has been corrected. The logical drive is operational, but the loss ofan additional drive may cause permanent data loss.Action: Replace the failed drive as soon as possible.Logical Drive X Status = Loose Cable Detected...... CAUTION indicates an event that is not expected during normal system operation.

The real-timeclock loses power if the onboard battery is not functioning correctly.Action: Press the F1 key to record the new configuration. If DIMMs are installed, verify that the corresponding processor is installed. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Any data that may have been in array accelerator memory has been lost due to the controllerpower loss.Action: Restore data from backup.1729-Slot X Drive Array - Disk Performance Optimization Scan in

So he opened it and checked the power supply & scsi cable , they were connected. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Redundancy will be enabled when this process is complete. Page 52 207 - Invalid Memory Configuration Detected.

Some information may notapply to the server you are troubleshooting. But after this the server booted normaly. Sign Up Manuals > Brands > HP Manuals > Server > HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 E5-2640 1P 8GB-R P420i FBWC SFF 460W PS Server/TV > HP ProLiant Gen8 Troubleshooting Guide Volume Thisusually indicates that the controller is not seated properly or has failed.Action:1.Power down the server.2.Be sure the controller is fully seated.3.Restart the server.4.Resolve any error messages displayed by the controller.If this