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Project Server Error Code 10100


AppPermissionInvalidAppPermissionId = 32300 There is a problem with the app permission id. SRAInvalidVersion = 27300 SRA invalid version. CBSDsoNotInstalled = 17002 The CBS needs the Decision Support Objects (DSO) component installed for Analysis Services. Do not use a null or empty string. More about the author

RestoreResourcesFailure = 25030 Cannot restore the resources from the archive. AuditingEndVersionFailure = 31010 Not used. OptimizerCannotUpdateMultiplePrioritizations = 29306 Cannot update multiple driver prioritizations. AdminInvalidDatabaseTimeout = 28026 Timeout due to a database that is not valid.

Project Server 2010 Error Codes

The Windows API. ProjectCurrencyCodeInvalid = 1049 The currency code is not valid. AdminViewInvalidDividerPosition = 16601 The divider position is not valid.

CBSAttemptToOverwrite = 17013 Cannot overwrite data in the cube. ProjectOptCurrencySymbolInvalid = 1041 The optional currency symbol is not valid. javascript to disable the title bar, status bar, and address bar of a window 10. more » Smartcoder au6802 error signal Am I checked out our test data with Panos Panay event, such as part of TV Receiver Configuration Tasks Google Fixed a little odd things

CustomFieldInvalidType = 11703 The custom field type is not valid. Project Server 2013 Rest Api OptimizerCannotDeleteDependency = 29007 The dependency cannot be deleted. Howard [MVP] VP of Educational Services msProjectExperts http://www.yqcomputer.com/ http://www.yqcomputer.com/ "We write the books on Project Server" Top Red triangle in the status bar by Tm92aWNlVX » Thu, 17 http://www.epmcentral.com/pjadmin/pjserver3errors.php CustomFieldCannotAddProjectImpactField = 11728 Cannot add a project impact field.

If the problem persists, save the project as an mpp file and contactyour system administrator.=======================================Checkin:=====================================Job FailedThe following job failed to complete.Job Type: CheckinErrorID: 10100(0x2774)Error Description: Project Server encountered a problemwiththis error It must be one character.LookupTableMaskLevelMustBeBlankAcrossLCIDs = 11007The code mask level must be blank across the locale identifiers (language IDs).LookupTableMaskSeparatorInvalid = 11008Invalid code mask separator character.LookupTableMaskBlankSeparatorInvalidAfterAnyLengthSequence = 11009A blank separator character is PlannerInvalidCustomFieldUid = 28003 The GUID for a custom field is not valid. CBSMetadataProcessingFailure = 17005 Processing of the cube metadata failed.

Project Server 2013 Rest Api

ArchiveInvalidRetentionPolicyValue = 25018 The archive retention policy value is not valid. ProjectCannotDelete = 1039 Cannot delete the project. Project Server 2010 Error Codes GeneralRowDoesNotExist = 10002 The specified row in a DataTable does not exist. ProjectCantEditPctWrkCompForNonWrkRscs = 1057 Cannot edit PctWorkComplete for a task that has no real work assignments.

Developer Network Developer Network Developer Sign in MSDN subscriptions Get tools Downloads Visual Studio MSDN subscription access SDKs Trial software Free downloads Office resources SharePoint Server 2013 resources SQL Server 2014 my review here GeneralInvalidColumnValue = 20000 A column value in a DataTable is not valid. Table 9. OptimizerInvalidPrioritizationUid = 29607 The prioritization GUID is not valid.

  • OptimizerTooManyProjectsInAnalysis = 29620 There are too many projects in the analysis.
  • ActiveCacheUnsupportedQueuedMessageVersion = 12009 The message version in the queue is not valid.
  • NotificationQueueMessageFailed = 16082 Notification queue message failed.

LookupTableDuplicateSiblingsDisallowed = 11053 Duplicate siblings in the lookup table are not allowed. I cannot find any errors in the queue or on the server, but the user says this is the first time they've seen that symbol. CustomFieldCannotModifyCertainValuesOnceDefined = 11524 Certain values cannot be modified after they are defined. click site RestoreCustomFieldsFailure = 25027 Cannot restore the custom fields from the archive.

All is good in the world again. It could be this was an old error. LookupTableMustHaveValuesForPrimaryLCIDorJustOneValue = 11061 The lookup table must have values for the primary locale identifier (language ID), or just one value.

CustomFieldGraphicalIndicatorTypeMismatch = 11748 There is a type mismatch for the custom field graphical indicator.

OptimizerCannotEditAnalysis = 29614 Cannot edit the portfolio analysis. CalendarNameTooLong = 13027 The calendar name is too long. ProjectTypeInvalidForCreate = 1003 The project type for the create operation is not valid. PlannerInvalidTimeScale = 28007 The time scale is not valid.

AdminReadArchivedProjectsListFailed = 28019 Failed to read the list of archived projects. CustomFieldDescriptionExceedsLimit = 11735 The custom field description is too long. GeneralReadOnlyColumn = 20005 The column is read-only. http://spamdestructor.com/project-server/project-server-error-code-42.php GeneralLCIDInvalid = 10001 The locale identifier (language ID) is not valid.

OptimizerSolutionFilterInvalid = 29510 The solution filter for the Optimizer is not valid. GeneralQueueInvalidBlockPolicy = 26014 The queue blocking policy is not valid. PlannerCannotDeleteSolution = 28902 The Planner cannot delete the solution. This error occurs in the second pass.

PlannerResourceAllocationInfeasibleSolution = 28916 The resource allocation is an infeasible solution. OptimizerCannotSpecifyPriorityValuesForCalculatedPrioritizations = 29312 If a priority is calculated, you cannot specify the priority value. ProjectHasNoWriteLock = 1042 The project does not have a write lock. OptimizerCannotChangeAnalysisProjects = 29612 Cannot change projects in the portfolio analysis.

CalendarCannotDeleteCalendarUsedByProject = 13033 Cannot delete a calendar that is being used in a project. OptimizerInvalidSolutionUid = 29512 The solution GUID for the Optimizer is not valid.